Jake Rubin Natural gas utilities are a sound return on investment

On Wednesday, Larry Borgard told the New York Society of Security Analysts that natural gas utilities are a sound return on investment.  Borgard is chairman of the American Gas Association (AGA) and president and chief operating officer, Utilities, of Integrys Energy Group, Inc. He met with the investment community on Wednesday to outline the role of America’s natural gas utilities in creating our clean energy future.

“The recent low prices for natural gas that we have seen are good news for our customers, residential, as well as in commercial and industrial markets,” Borgard said. “Natural gas is an abundant, domestic and clean energy source. Our industry creates millions of jobs. There are exciting opportunities to expand the applications of natural gas, including greater direct use in homes and businesses, as well as in the transportation sector with natural gas vehicles. Natural gas is the future of the energy industry, and by extension our economic future.”

During this continued period of stagnant economic growth, shareholders of natural gas utilities have seen consistent and strong dividends. Most natural gas utilities have paid dividends continuously for more than 50 years. Over the past year, the AGA Index (an index consisting of member companies of the American Gas Association) performed strongly in comparison with the Dow Jones Utility Index.

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