Chris Hogan NPR’s natural gas series

NPR today wrapped up a three-part series on the story of natural gas. I want to applaud NPR for taking the time to focus the attention of its readers and listeners on the importance of natural gas in the green energy discussion. Natural gas is an abundant, reliable and domestic source of energy that is also the lowest carbon fossil fuel.

While I agree with many of the people who commented on the stories who call for a balanced discussion about all aspects of natural gas production, the fact remains that we need to address pressing energy issues now.

The American Gas Association, which represents 202 local energy utilities across the country, actively supports the use of alternative fuel sources for electric generation.  Natural gas is already the cleanest fossil fuel—it contains just one carbon atom—and combined with new, highly efficient natural gas technologies, natural gas used directly in America’s homes and businesses is the most immediate and  way to begin to meet the demands of low-carbon future.

This important discussion needs to continue, but even the most optimistic projections show that renewables will not be able to provide significant power generation for at least several decades.  As America’s energy demands continue to grow at a breakneck pace the choice that faces us right here and right now remains the same.  Any sensible energy plan must include natural gas, which already meets one-fourth of America’s energy needs and is the fastest growing of the fossil fuels.

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