Lisa Dundon Monday is National 811 Day – Call Before You Dig

Monday, August 11, marks the Common Ground Alliance (CGA)’s National 811 Day to promote safe digging awareness and the Call Before You Dig campaign. A call to 811, which should be done a few days before beginning construction projects, planting or undertaking any kind of digging activity, connects you to a local One Call Center which gathers information about the project and alerts your local utility company. Crews then locate the utility lines near the planned project and make sure they are properly marked so you can be sure to avoid them. The process is fast, simple and free.811 2color 300x300 Monday is National 811 Day   Call Before You Dig

Excavation damage continues to be the leading cause of pipeline incidents in the United States, though improvement is being made thanks to outreach efforts on the part of natural gas utilities, industry leaders and other stakeholders. This past spring, millions of people were introduced to Call 811 when CGA members sponsored the jockey and horse team of Victor Espinoza and California Chrome during the race for the Triple Crown. Espinoza donned the Call 811 logo on the side and back of his pants, as well as his turtleneck, riding boots and the ball cap he wore before and after each race. Espinoza also spread the important safety message on his official Twitter page and his many TV appearances. The day after the third and final face, the Belmont Stakes, visits to were up 334 percent and web search was up 596 percent.

AGA will be helping to spread safe digging awareness on Call 811 Day through social media and blog posts on True Blue Natural Gas.

Find out what might be going on in your area to mark 811 Day by checking in with CGA or your local natural gas utility. And don’t for get to make the 811 Promise and tell your family, friends and neighbors.

If you’re a utility, let us know what you have planned in the comments section below and we may feature your activities in an upcoming post. In the meantime, make sure to urge your customers to make the 811 Promise.

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Lisa Dundon AGA Members Named Most Trusted Natural Gas Utilities

AGA Members Named Most Trusted Natural Gas Utilities

Eight American Gas Association (AGA) member companies are among the utilities that received the highest rankings in Market Strategies’ 2014 Utility Trusted Brand & Customer Engagement study.

Picture21 300x300 AGA Members Named Most Trusted Natural Gas Utilities Nearly 19,000 residential utility customers served by the 125 largest natural gas, electric and combination utilities in the United States were surveyed to provide insight into the relationship consumers have with their utility providers, including operational satisfaction and product experience.

AGA is proud to congratulate the following utilities that topped the natural gas and combination companies in their region:

Each utility was scored on 28 separate measures in six areas: concern for customers, company reputation, credibility, dedication, environmental performance and community involvement. According to Market Strategies, the report showed that customers of utilities with strong brand trust tend to enroll in more programs and are far more prone to making positive comments on social media and elsewhere about their provider.

Click here for more information about the survey, as well as a full list of the top ranked utilities.

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Tracy Burleson The Aging Workforce

As the energy industry workforce continues to mature, a large number of employees are set to retire in the next five to 10 years. While efforts are underway to recruit and train younger replacements for these workers, utilities must plan for that transition and retain know-how.amgasmagcoveraugsept2014website The Aging Workforce

The cover story for the August/September issue of American Gas magazine, titled “The Aging Workforce,” addresses several issues facing the industry as much of their workforce transitions to retirement and new employees enter the workforce. In this article several experts weigh in on topics including workforce planning, knowledge transfer and pension obligations.

While many utilities are using workforce analytics to understand when individuals are going to retire, they face the challenge of capturing knowledge and sharing it with future employees. Ken Mall with EDSI Consulting, a workforce development, customized training and consulting company, provides some basic steps all organizations should consider in defining their knowledge management priorities and creating a plan to meet those future needs.

Royce Kosoff, a senior consulting actuary with Towers Watson addresses the growing pension obligations utilities are facing. With more than one-third of U.S. utilities slowing the growth by moving new employees to 401K plans, some have taken an additional step of freezing the accruals for employees. Kosoff shares other steps to reduce the current risk exposure of pension plans.

To read the full article, click here. To see more from the August/September issue of the magazine, click here.

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Richard Meyer Natural Gas Market Indicators: July 31, 2014

The end of July has brought with it softening natural gas prices, the result of a confluence of supply and demand elements. Only a few months ago, some analysts questioned whether natural gas storage levels would be able to make a comeback following an 11-year record low for inventories at the end of the winter season. Today, we see natural gas volumes injected into storage at rates not seen in more than a decade and prices in the sub $4 range. Modest temperatures, seasonally low power generation load requirements, and record natural gas production are all ingredients into this summer’s recipe for relatively low Henry Hub prices and the supply position in which the country now finds itself immersed. That said, there still remains two months of summer, three months in the underground storage injection season, and an Atlantic hurricane season that has just gotten underway. Factors to keep an eye on include an uptick in temperatures; natural gas requirements for power generation; dry gas production flows; and supply issues related to disruptive weather events, such as storms in the Gulf of Mexico. However, even if one or more of these possibilities materializes, the US is still in a strong supply position – a fact that the market may be taking into account.
Visit this link to download the full Natural Gas Market Indicators report. Topics covered in this week’s report include Reported Prices, Weather, Working Gas in Underground Storage, Natural Gas Production, Shale Gas and Rig Counts.
Please direct questions and comments to Chris McGill at or Richard Meyer at
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