Jackie Bavaro New AGA Report Uncovers the U.S. Natural Gas Commercial Sector

The March issue of American Gas Magazine titled, Uncovering the U.S. Commercial Sector, features a new American Gas Association (AGA) report, which highlights the diversity within the commercial segment of the natural gas market and the range of consumers, technologies and end uses that serve as the backbone to the U.S. economy.

magThe commercial sector represents businesses and public services including education, health care, public order and safety, service facilities, offices, food sales and service, lodging, retail and public assembly.  There are more than 5.4 million “commercial customers” of natural gas in the United States and that 99 percent of all natural gas volumes sold to the commercial sector flow through local distribution company pipes.

In 2016, the U.S. Energy Information Administration conducted a survey of building owners, managers and energy providers to better understand the characteristics of the commercial sector and how it has changed over time. AGA took a deep dive into the findings of the survey and a few key conclusions include:

  • The share of buildings that use natural gas has remained relatively constant across the entire commercial building fleet. This suggests commercial natural gas growth has reflected an expansion of the entire market, of which natural gas has maintained a consistent share.
  • Natural gas use in the commercial building sector has grown 10 percent during the last decade, a result of growth in the overall commercial market. Natural gas consumption in the U.S. commercial sector exceeded 3.5 trillion cubic feet in 2014.
  • In 2015, a commercial customer’s natural gas bill reached a new low of $405 on average, which is the lowest since AGA began collecting data in 2003.

Businesses across the country are paying less for natural gas now than at any time since the Ford Administration. In fact, commercial utility bills are the lowest since the AGA began collecting data early last decade. AGA sees a bright future for the commercial use of natural gas. As the economy grows, so will the commercial sector. At a low-cost, reliable fuel, natural gas will help that sector maintain its competitiveness that helps drive our economy. The efficient use of commercial-scale natural gas applications lower costs for businesses and helps increase jobs.

To read the entire article, please click here.

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Jackie Bavaro AGA Releases 2017 Playbook

The 2017 AGA Playbook, released today, is an essential handbook about the role natural gas plays in American’s daily lives. The playbook offers a concise, fact-based narrative detailing how the industry and utilities are helping increase our energy security, improving our environment and boosting our economy.

Our sixth edition of the Playbook includes information about a new AGA report, titled the Uncovering the U.S. Commercial Sector, which highlights the fact that clean and affordable natural gas has led to $76 billion in savings for American businesses since 2009. In addition, households that use natural gas for heating, cooking and clothes drying are now saving an average of $874 per year compared to homes using electricity.

p;laybookThe 2017 AGA Playbook also contains pertinent information regarding pipeline safety, natural gas supply and usage, industry safety, energy efficiency, economic growth, cybersecurity and more. It details information on the latest natural gas utility initiatives to enhance cyber and physical security including the AGA Peer Review Program and the Downstream Natural Gas Information Sharing and Analysis Center.

Check out the complete 2017 AGA Playbook for more facts and information and visit www.aga.org to learn even more about how our nation’s natural gas utilities are leading a fact-based energy dialogue and use #AGAPlaybook to join the conversation on your social medial platforms.

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Chris McGill Natural Gas Market Indicators: February 15, 2017

In North America, natural gas prices have slid below $3.00 per MMBtu with what is turning into another less-than-bitter winter for the lower-48 states. Without strong traditional sector demand—heating loads in homes and businesses—the market has instead found incremental demand and year-on-year growth from pipeline exports to Mexico and LNG shipments from Sabine Pass. Current National Weather Service forecasts point to warmer conditions for most of the country through the balance of the current winter heating season.

Visit this link to download the full Natural Gas Market Indicators report. Topics covered in this week’s report include: Reported Prices, Weather, Working Gas in Underground Storage, Natural Gas Production, Shale Gas, Rig Counts, Pipeline Imports and Exports, and LNG Markets.

Please direct questions and comments to Chris McGill at cmcgill@aga.org or Richard Meyer at rmeyer@aga.org.

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Jackie Bavaro American Gas Magazine Spotlights 2017 NARUC President Robert Powelson

The February issue of American Gas magazine titled, With Drive and Determination, features Robert Powelson, 2017 President of the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC), and discusses his three priorities for the year ahead: infrastructure, investment and innovation.

As Commissioner of the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission, Powelson firmly believes that a well-maintained and resilient infrastructure is critical for a strong economy. Hailing from the second-largest natural gas production state in the nation, Powelson has seen first-hand the economic renaissance taking place, due in large part to the shale revolution.

NARUCIn his role as NARUC President, Powelson aims to provide a broader conversation around modern utility infrastructure investment among lawmakers, local distribution centers and industry stakeholders. Powelson is encouraged by the conversation taking place within NARUC about updating the Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act and examining ways for state commissions to incorporate ratemaking tools that stimulate infrastructure investment.

A cornerstone of Powelson’s NARUC Presidency will be to focus on opportunities for innovation within the utility industry. Today, customers expect to have access to smart thermostats and meters, as well as the ability to be more involved in their energy usage, pricing and sources of generation. It is important that utilities begin to explore ways to improve the overall customer experience and engage customers in a more personal way.

Over the next year, NARUC will focus on bringing the thought leaders in technology to NARUC and showcasing some of the newest technologies in the utility realm. Examples include battery storage technology, oxide fuel cells and new combined heat and power initiatives.

For the complete American Gas magazine article, please click here.

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