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I spent this week in Tampa, FL for the Republican National Convention and I have met folks from natural gas utilities throughout the country and convention delegates working to elect the future leaders of our nation. Though countless discussions, I have honed a great opening line: “I work for the American Gas Association.”

Birds-eye-view of the Republican National Convention.

It works every time. People throughout the country understand that natural gas can transform our energy future and they are eager to discuss it. In every state, natural gas utilities have programs to make energy more accessible and more efficient. That leads to savings for homes, businesses, and governments at every level. It is great to hear stories about how natural gas is making a positive impact in their communities and share with them what we are doing to promote this clean energy source.

At a panel discussion on the energy challenges of our cities, AGA Chairman Larry Borgard reminded the audience about the partnership between natural gas and other forms of renewable energy. He shared his optimism for our energy future including the enormous potential for natural gas as a transportation fuel.

(From left) Larry Borgard, chairman of the American Gas Association; James Lucier, managing director of Capital Alpha; and Pegeen Hanrahan, former mayor of Gainesville, Fla., participate in The Atlantic and National Journal’s “Powering Cities” event.

AGA President and CEO Dave McCurdy told an energy roundtable that progress on greater use of natural gas continues because it makes economic sense. There is a role for government, Dave said, but this affordable and abundant energy is making inroads in all sectors of our economy because of the opportunity afforded by its affordable and stable price.

AGA member company TECO illustrated beautifully the role a natural gas utility plays in a community this week. They have run natural gas powered shuttles throughout the city and sponsored Front Row Tampa Bay, an economic development initiative highlighting the thriving business climate in this city. Meanwhile, TECO was fully prepared in the event that Hurricane Isaac hit this area. They were fantastic hosts.

AGA President & CEO Dave McCurdy checks out the GOP EZ Shuttles, buses fueled with compressed natural gas (CNG) thanks to America’s Natural Gas Alliance (ANGA), TECO Peoples Gas, and Ultimate CNG.

In the spirit of the season, AGA launched a campaign for our candidate of choice in 2012. Click here to find out who we think should lead our nation in the years to come.

A conversation about energy is a discussion about the future of our nation. Greater use of natural gas will boost our economy and reduce our dependence on foreign oil. AGA staff and member companies will be at both party conventions to promote the important role of this bipartisan foundation fuel. Next week we’ll be at the Democratic National Convention, so keep a look out for photos and information from all the action in Charlotte.

Jake Rubin

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Jake Rubin is AGA's Director, Public Relations and Executive Communications. Prior to coming to AGA, Jake was Press Secretary for Senator Kent Conrad (D-ND). He has worked as a communications strategist for a Congressman, advocacy organizations and political campaigns at every level. Jake holds a B.A. in American Studies with a minor in Journalism from Brandeis University. He earned his M.A. in Political Management from George Washington University. You can follow him on twitter @aga_jake
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