Lauren Blosse Unprecedented natural gas supply found in U.S., says scientific group

Today members of the Potential Gas Committee (PGC) descended on AGA headquarters to release their much-anticipated findings about the amount of natural gas supply that exists in the Unites States.  The PGC told the news media and Capitol Hill staff that, since just 2006, there has been a 39 percent increase in the estimate of U.S. natural gas supply. The report found that the United States has a natural gas resource base of 1,836 trillion cubic feet (tcf) and a total available future supply of 2,074 tcf-the highest evaluation in the PGC’s 44-year history.


Our glass is overflowing with natural gas. Natural gas is now-it is domestic, it is abundant, it is clean and it is efficient.

So, what does this mean for U.S. natural gas customers? The answer is that, due in large part to the emergence of technologies that can unlock newly-discovered reserve such as natural gas from shale, more natural gas is available than ever. Despite the fact that the number of natural gas users has risen steadily, we have more natural gas at our fingertips than we previously knew.  At AGA, we liken this phenomenon to taking a sip of water, then setting down your glass only to discover that it is full again.

At a time when lawmakers are struggling to develop sound energy policies that will help secure America’s energy future in a clean and efficient manner, today’s announcement confirms that natural gas has the ability to play a key role in that equation. Natural gas is now-it is domestic, it is abundant, it is clean and it is efficient.

The PGC is an independent organization comprised of highly-credentialed volunteers from academia, government, and the energy industry. It receives support from the Colorado School of Mines.

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