Chris Hogan President Obama’s Natural Gas Plan

The American Gas Association is pleased to see President Obama focusing on how America can further increase our energy and national security.  The president’s public and proactive commitment to reduce American consumption of foreign oil by increasing the role of natural gas, renewable energy and emerging technologies, particularly in the transportation sector, demonstrates an assertive approach to energy security.

For so many reasons, Mr. Obama’s newfound focus on the benefits of clean, domestic natural gas is especially heartening.

Natural gas is the foundation fuel for our clean energy future and must be part of any energy policy produced by the 112th Congress.  And, with more than 100 years of supply readily available, and a safe and reliable delivery infrastructure already in place, we can put it to use right now to help us meet our energy challenges.  Natural gas is America’s natural fit.

The president’s commitment to the responsible development and use of domestic natural gas is also a step in the right direction.  The safe, transparent production of America’s vast natural gas resources, particularly shale gas, should be a top priority for the industry and we here at AGA are committed to working with all parties to ensure that happens.

Natural gas’ impact is also far-reaching, including support of many alternative and renewable energy options, from wind to solar.  Every day, 662,000 people work to explore for, produce, transport and distribute natural gas.  And as a whole, the natural gas industry employs nearly 3 million people in all 50 states.

New fuel economy and emissions standards will mean a larger role for clean, efficient natural gas vehicles (NGVs) in securing America’s clean energy future.  Tough new fuel standards will raise average fuel economy to 35.5 miles per gallon by 2016 and the administration’s national fuel economy and greenhouse gas emission standards for commercial trucks, vans and buses will help to cut oil use and further promote the increased deployment of NGVs.

The impact of efficient, abundant and domestic natural gas is wide-ranging and poised to move our energy economy forward to a cleaner, more sustainable future.

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