Jennifer O'Shea Presidential Memorandum on Fuel Efficiency Standards

On Friday, President Obama signed the Presidential Memorandum on Fuel Efficiency Standards, proposing the development of a national standard for medium- and heavy-duty trucks to improve fuel efficiency and reduce transportation emissions. During the president’s remarks in the Rose Garden of the White House, he praised the use of natural gas as a transportation fuel in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and limit our dependence on foreign oil:

“Through the directive I’m signing, we’re also going to work with public and private sectors to develop the advanced infrastructure that will be necessary for plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles.  And we’re going to continue to work to diversify our fuel mix, including biofuels, natural gas, and other cleaner sources of energy.  I believe that it’s possible, in the next 20 years, for vehicles to use half the fuel and produce half the pollution that they do today.  But that’s only going to happen if we are willing to do what’s necessary for the sake of our economy, our security, and our environment.”

I am happy to see President Obama encouraging the use of natural gas—we agree that this is one of the solutions to solving the energy crisis our nation faces. His comments about the use of natural gas as a transportation fuel are also quite timely as our friend Castlen Kennedy began her journey from Austin to Boston in a CNG-fueled car last week. Rumor has it she will be in Washington, DC on Tuesday, so if you’re in the SW part of the city make sure you stop by to say hello!

For more information about President Obama’s speech, please visit the White House website.

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