Jim Linn Recipe for Utility Customer Service Success


  • 75 Speakers
  • 65 Exhibitors
  • 20 Sponsors
  • 425 Attendees


  • Mix well at Midwest Airlines Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


  • 425 energized utility customer service leaders prepared to take on the challenges of our day, equipped and enthusiastic!

Thanks to the generous hospitality of our host utility, We Energies, we started this year’s conference with a cookie and cookie book.  For many years, We Energies has cared for and endeared itself to its customers through the provision of this holiday cookie book. So this warm, heartfelt gesture was the perfect way to begin three days of customer service education and networking.

Our first series of general sessions focused on the outcome of the federal stimulus package.  We heard updates from the federal, state, and local levels.  We also had updates on natural gas vehicles, plug-in hybrid vehicles and the smart grid.  The next day focused on how utilities and other service industries are successfully using social media to interact with and serve their customers.  Finally, we wrapped up with sessions on employee engagement, operational excellence and customer loyalty.  Throughout the conference there were topical sessions on a variety of issued related to utility customer service.

In addition to the educational programming we had times for attendees to meet with industry partners and learn of new products and services to enhance the delivery of utility customer service.  The exhibit hall included 65 partners offering such solutions.  Plus we enjoyed a wonderful evening at the Milwaukee Ale House at the end of the conference to allow attendees and partners to share a meal and further develop industry connections in a less formal environment.

I’ve included some photos from the conference here. You can view more over at our flickr channel.

We’re planning to serve this recipe next year in Kansas City in April with many of the same ingredients plus a few new ones to spice things up a bit.  One of the missing ingredients is you.  We hope you’ll put this on your calendar and plan to join us.

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