Lydia Meigs Red, White and True Blue


We can all envision a good-ol’ Fourth of July with all the trimmings. Complete with fireworks, barbeques (natural gas-fired, of course), corn on the cob, apple pie and a parade with little American flags. But let’s not forget what our annual celebration represents – America’s independence from British rule.

Today, however, we find ourselves once again dependent: this time on foreign oil. 

But there is good news. We have a domestic energy source that can help increase our energy security—decreasing our dependence on foreign energy sources—and help keep customers happy with affordable and stable energy prices. Natural gas is the answer, and it is right under our feet.

Natural gas produced right here in the US of A is the key to breaking our dependence on foreign energy sources, and creating a foundation for building our energy security.  Plus, natural gas burns 50% less carbon dioxide than oil, so it keeps our environment clean and safe for the future.

From shale gas discoveries onshore to new gas fields offshore…from sea to shining sea, America has enough clean burning natural gas to affordably fuel our economy, homes, businesses and vehicles for many generations to come. In fact, the United States has more natural gas than Saudi Arabia has oil, which means if we effectively develop and engage our domestic supply of natural gas we will be able to decrease our dependence on energy imports from foreign sources and have our own energy for years to come. This will protect our wallets from market fluctuations and keep jobs here at home.

Clean, less expensive energy on our own terms – natural gas – it sounds like life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness to me.

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