Dan Gibson Released today: Utility Customer Arrearage and Disconnect Survey

We just released a new survey today that examines how people are doing staying current on their utility bills. It’s a mixed bag. While the number of people unable to pay their utility bills on time decreased by more than two percent, the survey also shows almost 14 percent of utility customers are at least 30 days late in paying their bills. Some other highlights:

  • the number of customers in arrears fell slightly more than two percent
  • the total dollar amount of customer arrears fell more than six percent
  • the number of customers disconnected fell almost three percent
  • the total dollar amount of past due bills of disconnected customers fell almost nine percent

The chart below gives you a little more information. I know…I know…it’s a little image of a big chart. Click the image for a bigger version. You can also hop over to aga.org for the full read.

Dan Gibson

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