Dan Gibson Route66 guys start their trip in a natural gas powered 66 GTO

There’s always a ton of news around natural gas powered vehicles. They’re some of my favorite stories. Earlier this year we did a quick profile on Castlen Kennedy and her trip from Austin to Boston in a natural gas powered Tahoe. She actually finished her trip last week. You can read about it on her blog. She has some nice statistics and notes on her experience.

But even before we learned about Castlen, we had started speaking with the guys at route66goatgas.com after their modified natural gas powered GTO was profiled  in Wired last year. The story is about two friends, Mark McConville and Keith Barfield, that decided to modify their Red 66 Pontiac GTO to run on compressed natural gas. They want to show people the potential of natural gas as a transportation fuel. Here’s a video of them leaving Birmingham yesterday.

There’s more video and photos at the Route 66 Goat Gas (CNG GTO) Facebook fan page. You can see all the planning they’ve put into the project. If you want to keep up with their trip along Route 66, you can read more at their blog or follow them on twitter. And Keith, safe travels. Leave us a comment when you get a chance.

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