Chris McGill Running Out of Energy: Is the glass half full or half empty?

Which is it? Regarding U.S. natural gas the answer seems clear. Domestic natural gas reserves made their largest leap since records have been kept, increasing by more than 26 trillion cubic feet (Tcf) from year-end 2006 to year-end 2007, according to the Energy Information Administration (U.S. Department of Energy), direct link.

This occurred even though the reserves base was being drawn down by more than 19 Tcf during the same period, as domestic natural gas was produced to heat homes and fuel businesses. So, does the United States have a relatively clean energy resource that is growing – not precipitously declining? Can it be sustained? Sources of methane may include:

  • Traditional production
  • Unconventional resource development
  • Aboveground coal to methane
  • Underground coal gasification
  • Landfill gas
  • Agricultural biogas
  • Wastewater treatment biogas
  • Methane hydrates primarily located on continental margins

Is methane ultimately a renewable resource?

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