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The most important issue for our members, and the one that comes up most often around the AGA offices, is safety. Without a doubt and for good reason. With that in mind, we’re once again celebrating and promoting National Safe Digging Month.

National Safe Digging Month is “dedicated to increasing awareness of safe digging practices across the country and to celebrate the anniversary of 811, the national call-before-you-dig number.” In plain English, what that means is if you can dial 811 on your phone you can notify utilities that you will be digging on your property. The utility companies will then come to your property and mark the approximate locations of all utility-owned lines with paint or flags. It usually only takes them a few days to come out. And, best of all the 811 service is free and worth the time to prevent an accident.

Here’s some great stats from the “Did you know” section on call811.com

Did you know?

  • More than 200,000 underground utility lines are struck each year in the U.S.?
  • 37% of all U.S. digging damages result from not calling before digging.
  • Utilities are buried only a few inches underground, making them easy to strike even during shallow digging projects.

You can read more in the press release on National Safe Digging Month we issued at the beginning on the month. I worked my way through college on construction sites so I can testify that the “utilities are buried only a few inches underground, making them easy to strike even during shallow digging projects” line is a real concern.

Get the full scoop at call811.com. While you’re there you can also view their page with state specific information on 811. All of our members have their own safety programs and usually something that goes along with this month so feel free to leave a link in the comments below to anything that is helpful.

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