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AGL Resources (AGL) is a large natural gas (among other things) company and they’re only going to grow (see the news about the Nicor purchase). I thought it would be a good time to take a look at how AGL spreads the good safety word through their website. In short, they do a great job.

But let’s take a closer look.

Elements addressing the visitor

When you visit the AGL Resources site, you’ll notice they give you links to each individual local utility in your area. This shows that they’ve really given some thought to the user experience and providing valuable service. Most of their visitors are probably looking for that local utility to get the service they need. Let’s visit the first utility on the list and see what we find.

You’ll note from the highlighted areas on the image above that there are three separate areas on the homepage that reference safety. Each of these areas is displayed in a prominent visual locations. The areas include on the gives a general overview of safety, one geared towards pipeline safety and one that ties into a national message supported by our members of “call before you dig.”

Examining the natural gas safety section

Once you reach the actual safety section (see image below) you’ll find a great overview with many useful tips. The page itself is clean, easy-to-read and broken into subsections that cover:

In the future

AGL Resources does have a twitter account featured prominently on the footer of the site. If you visit the account, it hasn’t been very active yet. I wonder if there are any plans on using twitter for customer service. Many companies are doing this already but I haven’t seen very much of it in the utilities community yet. I have a feeling it’s just a matter of time.

We have quite a few members doing great jobs on the safety sections of their website. We’ll be profiling them in the coming weeks. Let me know in the comments below of any good ones you’d like to see.

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