Dan Gibson Safety Spotlight at Atmos Energy

One of our members, Atmos Energy, has an excellent safety section on their website. The section contains video and information around natural gas safety including home safety, pipeline safety, public education programs, and dig safety programs.

These safety sections are very valuable and packed with information. We get a lot of questions about “why does natural gas smell so bad.” The Atmos Energy video below (which is also available in Spanish) will tell you that natural gas is actually odorless and that “natural gas smell” is added as a safety feature.

Here are some more tips from the home safety program section of the website:

  • Alert others and leave the area immediately.
  • Leave open any doors you pass through to help ventilate the area, but don’t take time to open windows.
  • Do not operate any electrical switches or equipment, including telephones and flashlights.
  • Call the local gas company from a telephone outside the area. Our associates are available to assist you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Remain away from the area until the gas company declares the area safe.

There’s actually a lot more there. Take a look and leave us a comment below if you know any other great safety resources.

Dan Gibson

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