Dan Gibson Safety Spotlight: National Grid

AGA has been in the news lately talking about pipeline safety. It’s great that we have a chance to talk about the safety record of the industry, it’s actually very impressive, but I wanted to make sure people were getting the right message on who AGA represents. AGA represents the natural gas distribution segment of the natural gas industry, or simply put, your local natural gas utility. That’s it. If you want more detail, Dave’s explanation is a lot better than mine.

There’s one thought that takes priority over anything that our members do. That thought is safety. If you want an example, lets take a look at National Grid. If you visit the National Grid safety section, you’ll find a ton of resources. Everything from general safety to what to do if you’re getting ready to dig (call 811).

They do a good job of listing things to think about in preparation for a storm. A few years ago, my area was hit hard by a hurricane. Some people were without power for more than a week. People that followed these tips were much better off than those that didn’t:

  • Have on hand a number of working flashlights
  • at least one battery-operated radio
  • an extra supply of batteries
  • drinking water
  • canned food
  • one corded or cell phone (cordless phones will not work during a power outage)
  • more tips at their site

Take a trip over to National Grid’s Energy Explorer and play The Hidden Dangers game. You’ll find it in the natural gas safety world.

The National Grid safety section actually has a nice slant in that they don’t just appeal to homeowners but they have an entire section dedicated to K-8 education. These free energy-related science, safety, and environmental learning materials are available to all schools within National Grid’s service area. My favorite part though, was the games. Yes, they actually have games geared to teach children danger areas in the home. The player scores points based upon their ability to identify danger areas and answer questions related to the danger correctly. A great way to teach young people.

Our members do such a great job with their safety sections we’re going to start highlighting them more often. In the meantime, take a look at National Grid’s safety section or take a walk over to the pipeline safety section on aga.org and read our fact sheets.

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