Lauren Blosse Sen. Murkowski, Energy Leaders Point to Natural Gas as Large Piece of the Climate Change Puzzle

Today, Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) and several energy industry leaders spoke to a group of key stakeholders in DC about the potential for natural gas in America’s low-carbon future.

During the forum, which was sponsored by AGA, the American Gas Foundation and the Congressional Quarterly- Roll Call group, Sen. Murkowski said that any bill that fails to rely on natural gas to help lower emissions is “unacceptable.” She went on to tout the record of residential and commercial natural gas users in lowering total emissions over the last four decades.

The senator also pointed to natural gas as a backup for renewables, stating, “renewables need base load supply, and natural gas can be that supply.”

Others on the panel, including Kevin Book of ClearView Energy Partners, Sharon Buccino of the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), Bill Cantrell of the Council for Responsible Energy, Vello Kuuskraa of Advanced Resources International and Dr. Robert Simon of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee addressed such issues as access to domestic natural gas, hydraulic fracturing and natural gas vehicles.

Quoting the journalist Robert Bryce, Senator Murkowski concluded, “Wood was the dominant fuel source in the 19th century, and oil in the 20th century.  Natural gas should be the dominant fuel source in the 21st century.”

Visit this link to view a video of the forum.

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