Dan Gibson Spectra Energy’s Rusty Manor acts quickly during house fire

Thanks to Jerry for this heads-up on Rusty Manor, one of Spectra Energy’s employees. Rusty was on his way home from work in Oran, Missouri when he noticed smoke coming from the garage of a home. Rusty grabbed the fire extinguisher in his truck and ran to the house. He helped everyone out of the house (a 13-year-old-girl, her eight-year-old brother, and even the family pooch) before going back and putting out the fire in the garage.

Great job Rusty.

You can see the video report below. You can also visit Spectra Energy’s YouTube channel to watch more videos like this one.

Just another story…well maybe a little more than a regular story…but still, another good example of the type of people that work at a natural gas utility. People that live in your neighborhood. Leave a comment below if you’ve got your own story to share.

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