Dan Gibson Streamliner is World’s Fastest Compressed Natural Gas Car

We got an email not too long ago about the Streamliner. The Streamliner is a car built by Lessman Racing that runs on compressed natural gas (CNG). But this is no Toyota. Streamliner was clocked at an official speed of 323 miles per hour at the Bonneville Salt Flats in early October making it the world’s fastest compressed natural gas vehicle.

The next step for the team is trying to get the Streamliner over 400 m.p.h. You can follow their progress at the Lessman Racing web site. We’ve also included some engine specs and a picture below.


Engine: Single engine, large-block Ford V-8, 572 cubic inch displacement, turbocharged
Fuel: Compressed natural gas
Transmission: 5 Speed planetary-type, air shifted
Drive Train: All wheel drive, 1:1 ratio, custom design case, electronic traction control
Wheels: Modular 16 x 6 aluminum
Tires: 24 inch diameter special Bonneville LSR tires, spun tested to 750 MPH
Chassis: Tube frame/carbon fiber composite, suspension with +/- one inch travel
Body: Carbon fiber/Kevlar® composite
Brakes: Single rear disc, three parachutes
Weight: 3,000 pounds, “wet” with driver
Dimensions: Approximate, not including vertical stabilizer, 32 inches wide by 26 inches
high (34 inches at top of cockpit) by 28 feet long. Frontal area is 7.25 square feet.
Dan Gibson

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