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The American Gas Foundation (AGF) released a new study on the potential of renewable gas earlier this week. It’s called, “The Potential for Renewable Gas: Biogas Derived from Biomass Feedstocks and Upgraded to Pipeline Quality” and you can find it on the AGF website. I pulled out some of the keys bullets from the summary:

  • The job creation potential of renewable biogas gas projects is significant. Direct jobs created range up to 83,000 depending on the depth of the market penetration. Using an average multiplier of 3.1 for indirect and induced jobs, total jobs created ranges up to 257,000

  • Depending on the model of deployment, renewable gas production could result in 146 million metric tons of CO2 removed from the air annually. This is the equivalent of taking 29 million cars off the road.
  • Almost every state in the U.S. has the resources to participate in the production of renewable gas with the potential to create new green jobs.
  • Renewable gas from renewable sources including animal manure, forest residues, and agricultural wastes can be produced at efficiencies ranging from 60–70%, thus, using our renewable resources in a responsible and efficient manner.
  • Renewable gas is an interchangeable fuel that can be delivered to customers via the existing U.S. pipeline infrastructure and can provide a renewable energy option in the natural gas energy market, an energy market that overall represents 25% of U.S. energy use.

The report is filled with a lot of good information so give it a read. If you have questions about the report, you can contact Kathryn Clay, the AGF executive director.

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