Dan Gibson Are you teaching call 811 in your school

If you’re not, you should be.

If you’re visiting this site, you’re probably familiar with Call811. If not, you can read our release from earlier this month or some of the old posts we’ve done on Call811.

The basic concept is pretty simple though. Call 811 before you dig and the operator will alert your local utilities so they can come out and mark your property before you dig. That way you’re not cutting an important line (water, electricity, natural gas, etc.) into your home. It’s the smart safe thing to do.

The Call811 website has a ton of resources that go into more detail on the program. I was just looking at it and I love the resources they have for kids. One of the best ways we can get these types of safety messages across is by reaching out to people at an early age and there are tools on the website to do that, including a great video you can watch below. You can also use this link

You can download the full children’s program kit from the Call811 website. It’s at the bottom of the communications plan materials section. The kit includes a teacher’s resource guide, treasure map learning tool (that goes along with the video) and feedback form where you can suggest ways to improve the program.

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve run this program at your school or need help finding resources in your area.

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