Tom Moskitis The New Secretary of the Interior – Good News for Natural Gas Consumers?

President-elect Obama has chosen Colorado Senator Ken Salazar to run the U.S. Department of the Interior. On balance, this is good news for natural gas consumers as the Senator has been a proponent of the cleanest fuel the earth produces – natural gas. He is a big supporter of renewable energy to be sure and some may have concerns over his opposition to oil-shale development and his generally cautious attitude about energy production on western federal lands. I believe his caution, however, stems from a concern over potential threats to the regions scarce water supply and not from a desire to prevent fossil fuel energy development. Salazar was also a member of the Senate’s “Gang of 16” that tried earlier this year to broker an agreement on opening the Outer Continental Shelf to more drilling. He also voted for the Gulf of Mexico Energy Security Act which opened up new areas in the Gulf for exploration and production. He should be confirmed easily.

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