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Talk about your busy days. Yesterday we had the Potential Gas Committee press event here in the office. Lauren had a great post about the findings from the PGC. Basically, “The report found that the United States has a natural gas resource base of 1,836 trillion cubic feet (tcf) and a total available future supply of 2,074 tcf-the highest evaluation in the PGC’s 44-year history.” The news was so positive AGA held a press event to help the information spread.

Video from the event. Visit AGA’s YouTube channel to see the complete event. Its been edited into six segments to meet YouTube’s time constraints.

Boy did it ever.

Here’s the PGC report in the New York Times.

Here’s the PGC report in the Wall Street Journal.

Here’s the PGC report on AP.

The PGC report made it into Greenwire, too.

Bloomberg? Yes, got them too.

CNBC video you say? I say, here ya go.

We even had a site put up some audio.

It got picked up a bunch of other places across the web as well. Too many to list. It all shows just how important it is that people understand that natural gas is abundant and can meet our nation’s energy needs.

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