Dan Gibson Winter heating season kickoff

We had our annual winter heating season kickoff at the National Press Club yesterday. It’s always good times to walk into a building like the Press Club and feel the history around you. They have some great pictures there of the numerous celebrities, etc. that have been present. Of course, AGA had its own celebrities in Roger Cooper and Chris McGill. That would probably explain why there was such a good media turn out for us. We’ve gotten a ton of member requests for the video footage so here it is.

YouTube has a 10 minute limit to videos for the majority of its users so we broke it down into parts. Here are the other parts.

  1. Part 2
  2. Part 3
  3. Part 4
  4. Part 5

You can read the official release here. Here’s a link to the story from Reuters and the video is actually on CSPAN right now.

Quick update: Just found the video from Fox.

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