Dan Gibson World’s first natural gas-powered chopper makes its debut

I got this from Taylor Shinn at Chesapeake today. In case you haven’t been following, Orange County Choppers and Chesapeake Energy worked together to create the first Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) powered chopper. Well, Taylor pinged me to let me know the episode premieres tonight. Are you tuning in? I am. Thanks for the reminder Taylor and I owe you a call.


Tune in to American Chopper on TLC, Thursday, June 25, at 9/8c to watch the crew from OCC build the world’s first natural gas-powered chopper. Built to show America the promise of natural gas as a clean energy resource, and in conjunction with Chesapeake Energy’s 20th anniversary, the talented crew from the hit TV show American Chopper partnered with the company to build a natural gas-powered bike. The episode covers the bike’s production process as Paul Sr. and crew visit a drilling rig and learn how natural gas can power everything form a semitruck to a custom chopper.
See the bike in person. Follow the journey of the OCC natural gas chopper on Facebook and Twitter. It may be visiting your area soon.

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